Reduced risk through automated compliance validation of local closing agents.

The Lender Problem

Maintaining a large and diverse network of closing agents is in the best interest of both consumers and lenders. However, the compliance validation and risk management of that network can be expensive, manual, and problematic. How does a lender continue to allow consumers to choose their closing agent while effectively managing the associated risk?

The Closepin Solution

Closepin becomes the lender's cloud-based automated compliance management program for their closing agent network. We onboard a lender's agent network and validate their compliance data at intervals chosen by the lender.

Reduced risk.
Increased efficiency.
Decreased cost.

How it Works

Using Closepin is easy.

Enterprise Account Creation

Closepin creates the lender's account, establishing compliance requirements, validation frequency, and data points they would like validated.

Onboard Agent Network

The lender's existing closing agent network is onboarded and new closing agents are added as requested.


When requested, Closepin validates closing agents and issues validation certificates to the lender.

Continued Support

Closepin provides ongoing compliance validation and considers new closing agents for approval at the lender’s or consumer’s request.

We make risk reduction affordable.

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