The Problem Closepin Solves

In today’s mortgage lending marketplace the interests of consumers, lenders, and closing agents are in conflict. The result is a cumbersome process of risk management which is challenging for closing agents, increases liability to lenders, and decreases consumer choice.

The Closepin Solution

Closepin is a cloud-based, automated closing agent compliance validation platform for a lender's closing agent network. Closepin reduces risk for lenders, creates market exposure for closing agents, and provides a searchable closing agent database for consumers, real estate agents, and loan officers.

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About Our Company

Closepin is an innovation of Specialty TECH Ventures. Specialty TECH Ventures innovates, partners with, and invests in emerging technologies which serve the real estate, banking, and mortgage lending industries. Closepin is the first compliance validation solution that harmonizes the interests of lenders, consumers, and closing agents.

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