has opened a room waiting for you, I have something to say to you. Zhang Xinyu eyes turn a circle. You still come to Yao Yun Hotel, after all, a friend, I invite you to eat. Yao Yun Group belongs to the South Group. Well, I am going now. Zhang Xinyu sighed, sitting for a moment, then got up and left, this is the secretary came in. Zhang, you now have a short meeting, time has arrived. Zhang Xinyu touch his head, PMP this time he PMP it exam is busy. Well, I ll go. She threw her cell phone and went to.the company s conference hall. Chapter 433 Zuo Shan return home effort Zhang Xinyu finished, the look of tired again back to the office, the phone on the desk is still ringing, she picked up the phone, ringtones also stopped, she looked at the phone a dozen left mountain call missed calls , She shook his head and wry smile, it seems the heart has really left the mountain bearish, on the past, no matter how busy, she will not let the other waiting for her. She PMI Certification sighed and called back. Hello, where are you now Of course, in the hotel, you let me wait two hours, the phone is also puzzled. Just the company meeting, do not open the body, I

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