took the token in the hands of the snow, walked into the door of life and death, found that this is really not the rebound of the blue rebound back. Snow, I and the wolf waiting here, you two quickly take three token over. The two nodded, while a rotation, disappeared instantly. Suddenly Wang paralyzed sitting on the ground, his face is still covered with sweat, although the snow did not kill him, but in his view, Microsoft Certification he has been with the dead in general, when the original reflex token, but swear, In, the card is lost. What kind of people will be into the eighteen hell Liu Zhengyu asked to the king. The so called underworld is the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) it exam heavenly prison, the general life o.f the Hades will be based on the life and death book on the merits, or into the cycle, or imprisonment in hell, of course, heaven can control the lives of civilians, but also directly to the Pluto issued orders But also the world, the world in charge of the environment and illusion outside the three realms, there is a direct ability to control life and death, their loved ones and friends, that is, the so called heaven order issued by the closure of the bottom of the hell, The daily taste of Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) a variety of underworld criminal law of the pain, since their own, no matter how rough the next road, he also ordered to rescue his family and friends. Chapter 235 gather together with thunder At this time, hidden sno

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