ful spasm up, but he still closed his eyes in the teeth hold. Law now The dragon burst into the mouth of a bright red blood, and then suddenly opened his eyes full of bloodshot eyes, shouted, an impact into the dragon s mind. Call Call The dragon Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure big mouth big mouth panting, and then struggling to stand up, came outside the room. What is the wolf in Hear the dragon decided to shout, everyone is surprised a moment, then see the.dragon look and state, kill the wolf three brothers stood up, loudly shouted. What is the five brothers Long We are The five brothers and the same shua s stood up, this is the first time the dragon so loudly call them, so that they immediately stop all their actions, look solemn, the first time to respond. Feng Ling Er accident, we prepare, Shuiling left Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam to take care of July, Mao war, you come with me We started five minutes later Long decided to shout, turned and then into the room again. Yes Hear the dragon decided, everyone quickly moved up. Mao war quickly followed the dragon came to his Microsoft Certification room. Dragon less Mao war standing behind the dragon decided, asked. Have you ever had a contact with a weird man who has been wrapped in clothing The dragon never made a nonsense, and cut into the.subject. Well, the body wrapped the eccentric I have not seen. Mao war puzzled thinking for a moment, and the

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure