nd she had to kill the woman Microsoft Certification because she had hurt his master. At this time, a spear with a green light to fight wolves, war wolves have Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert it exam King Kong surgery, character is reckless, playing frame is abnormal ferocious, he does not escape, with a claw fly spear , Look to see, the river is also standing in front of the demon. Jiang Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert Lang hand stretched out, was wolves flying fly spear, once again flew to his hands, eyes to see war wolf. Wolves know that th.e river at this time more than their own practice, their own almost no chance of winning, plus there is a demon demon ruin and tens of thousands of soldiers. But at this time he can not escape, can only try to delay the time, even if exhausted his life. War wolf on the brave, although the practice is far better than the other side, or toward the river waves. Jiang Lang is also waving a spear and war wolf war to a place, his spear shrink freely, but also very sharp, but war with the wolves without weapons in hand, but almost all the body count weapons, non stop rampage, claws, two People from the ground war to the air, Lianlian war hundreds of rounds. To neutral, the wall also came to the demon demon side, picked up her seriously injured, but also from the arms out of the demon Dan, to help her cure internal injuries. War wolf is also the Vietnam.War more fie

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77-427 Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part 1 Microsoft Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Expert