was actor Jinxiu. Kim Tae yan is also a smile, bowed peace good stuff yo, I was the girl s era of Kim Tae yan Flap The.The Members, loud applause, Li Guangzhu is howling howling. The The Liu in the stone endured laughing, stretched his hand toward Jinxiu, nodded his head and said Congratulations, congratulations Apparently congratulated Kim Tae yan and Jinxiu two people, after all, two people in front of the public there is the first time. Jinxiu is also stretched out his Microsoft Database it exam hand, smiled and said Kang Sa Ha Mi big The audience is sure to Microsoft Database be familiar with the two, that is, our model couple, Jinxiu and Jintai Yan, please give their blessings Ah mo ah Kim Tae Yan aunt smiled and shy to hide behind Jinxiu. The The And Jinxiu is thick skinned, shameless to accept the good intentions. The audience is certainly very curious about the two. Liu finished the stone, turned and looked Jinxiu asked Jinxiu XI are doing what I am shooting the TV series, will play in December this year, please a lot of attention. Jinxiu honestly said. What is the last time Kim Tae yan came out from Jinxiu, smiled and said Mainly around the song in the event ye loudsuit. Simple necessary, but also limited to this, not too much, Liu in the stone a good grasp of the degree, immediately turned toward Jinxiu laughed The two exchanges have not been in public, so I For the audience Microsoft Certification to ask a few simple questions, how c

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