na Sea brothers, you kill them, go with us A trip CCNA Security Jin Yong sneer, sai.d Why do you say that we kill You see What evidence This person Lengheng heard, said Their wounds are with the power of the five elements of the residue, we are practitioners, you should be very clear that this represents what the power of the five elements are not casually people can have, at present Practice only five of you only And, you are so coincidentally appear here, which also need to prove it Five brothers are ugly, this is a trap, naked framed, so that they entered a Cisco Certification dilemma, if the resistance, then, first of all can not CCNA Security it exam say that can not be safe and sound tight encirclement, even if it can escape, the murder The charges are equivalent to sit real They can not care about killing, dead a few ordinary people, the dragon can also help them to bear, and no one will be held accountable, but the dead man is Zhon.gnanhai people, the same practitioners, but not by the Dragon Control, although the fear of Long home, but not afraid. But if the five elements of the brothers to give up resistance as they go, then the consequences can not say, and perhaps follow them into, and then never come out. Now the dragon is not in, and eve

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
640-554 Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security (IINS v2.0) Cisco CCNA Security
210-260 Implementing Cisco Network Security Cisco CCNA Security